Young Warranties: What it is, how it works and how to find a job

Dedicated to those between 15 and 29 years old and does not study or work, Young Guarantor enables you to activate internships, apprenticeship contracts, civil service and much more. Learn how to join.
It is called the Young Guarantee and is the program implemented by the State to combat youth unemployment for those between the ages of 15 and 29. Young People’s Guarantee addresses those who fall into this age group and do not work or study. Those, that is, with an acronym are defined as “NEET”, ie “Not in Education, Employment or Training”

Young Warranties: What Is It

But what’s in detail? In the case of Italy, following the initiative of the European Union “Youth Guarantee” approved in April 2013 to meet all those European countries with an unemployment rate of more than 25%, it is a program that aims to make young people between 15 and 29 years acquire new skills and bring them into the world of work. The goal, at least on paper, is to ensure that these students can get a valid offer within 4 months of the end of studies or the beginning of unemployment.

The program envisages a series of actions at the national level, but each region, depending on its needs, can choose what interventions and opportunities to put in place and in which way. A boy or girl under the age of 29, enrolled in a Young Guarantee, may receive: a job, an apprenticeship contract or an internship or a further course of study or training based on his or her professional and professional needs.

Young Warranties: How it Works

Registration: who can join the program

All those who are at the time of the registration of the program are aged between 15 and 29 years, provided they are neither studying nor doing any kind of work or even less enrolled in a school or training course. These requirements of unemployment or non-employment must be held at the time of enrollment and kept during the journey.

If you sign up for the Young Guarantee and you are almost 30 years old, no problem: the important thing is that you are 29 years old at the time of enrollment, if you are 30 years old then you can still continue to participate in the Young Guarantee. All those who are resident in Italy, but also EU citizens or non-EU foreign nationals can join, provided they have a residence permit or residence permit.

The residence must be demonstrable through a document, registration in the municipality, permanent address or equivalent evidence. Are you a refugee or asylum seeker in our country? You can only work under the Young Warranty after 6 months of stay in Italy, and you can take advantage of training, hospitality and guidance services before six months.

Who can not join

You can not join if you are a high school student or any other high school or university or employed in any other study or training course. You can not even join if you are doing the Civil Service because it’s like being enrolled in a vocational education or training course. It is equally true even if you are carrying out other programs against juvenile unemployment.

Young Guarantee: how to join

You must register to join the program. This registration can be made on the Young Guarantee website by filling out the online form with all the information you need, but you can also subscribe to the portal of your region or directly to the employment centers. Once this step has been completed, you will receive the credentials to access the personal area on the Ask For Portal page at the e-mail address listed in the register. Here you will need to complete the registration and you will be able to select beyond the region you live in, one or more regions where you might be interested in using the Young Guarantee.