Online Universities: what they are, how much they cost and what to choose

Those recognized by Miur are 11. But how do you choose what is your case? And how much does it cost to graduate in an online university? All you have to know in this article.

Maybe it’s the dream you had as a child and you did not succeed because you stopped studying to start working. Or again: You’ve decided to take another degree to have new skills and more chances in your work. Whatever the motivation at the base, if you have little time, but much desire to study, your telematic universities may be appropriate.

In some cases, these universities provide that lessons can only be followed online, while in some others you can go to one of the locations to attend courses as well as of course to support the exam.

Every online university, according to the 2012 Profumo decree, must only take the examinations to the students only in the physical areas: for each exam session, it is mandatory to set up a committee made up of teachers of the subject.

Let’s see together what are the telematic universities in Italy, what are the ones recognized by the Miur (Ministry of University and Research) and what are the differences between them to know which one to choose.

Telematic universities: features and how to enroll

Telematic universities are universities that are based on e-learning, that is, on distance learning, therefore use advanced communication technologies and have, like traditional universities, a training proposal that includes undergraduate, master, refinement.

Lessons can be followed in videoconference at any time of the day and are supported by materials that can be downloaded from the various ateneo sites. One of the advantages over traditional universities is the fact that you can sign up at any time of the year and do it just online as well as going to one of the locations.

The telematic universities recognized by Miur

In Italy they are regulated by the Miur, which has recognized them in total 11, the maximum number at the time. Here are what they are and what they are distinguished.

UniNettuno Telematics University

This online university was the first to be recognized by Miur in 2005. It has 6 faculties: Arts and Humanities, Psychology and Communication Sciences, Economics, Law and Engineering, and gives you the opportunity to attend up to 29 graduate courses, both triennial that magistrale. There are also several courses of specialization, professional upgrading and master.

Among these, for example, there are professional training courses for lawyers, teachers, journalists, etc. The UniNettuno also organizes several MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, in various languages ​​and giving training credits.

The head office is Rome, but there are various venues throughout Italy, from North to South, as well as abroad.