Print personalized business catalogs


Print Personalized Business Catalogs: Find out how to present your products to customers with a print delivered to you at points of sale and at fairs or events.

Successful catalog printing is one of the key steps to bring the products of your company to the public. A direct and practical advertising tool to show consumers the result of the commitment and passion you put into your business.

Think of a customer just out of your point of sale, who is having to evaluate one or more of your offers. If you have the right information material at your disposal, you will be more motivated to purchase. Having a well-structured catalog available to you to be able to consult calmly and quietly will help you in your decision.

Through a well-made business catalog printing, you will get a perfect advertising tool to be delivered at fairs and events, events involving many people. An opportunity to get you acquainted and reach even by those who, otherwise, would not have had the chance to come to you in the store.

Building a beautiful catalog to see and interesting to browse is not that difficult, just a good deal of creativity and a bit of confidence with the PC.

Custom print business catalogs can be easily made online, with the same results as those available in the best typography. After designing the catalog design and preparing the print file you will have to do more than choose between paper sizes, materials and binding types.

Print personalized product catalogs

We discover together how to orient yourself in printing custom product catalogs, an operation that will help you increase your sales. You can move it in two ways: create a general product catalog that contains all your articles from your business, or group them into categories.

Let me give you an example, if your sector is furniture, you might want to create a kitchens catalog, or one for rooms, or even bathrooms. Once you’ve chosen how to proceed, let’s see the steps to get a perfect print of your custom business catalogs:

Collect all the materials you will need for your project, make sure you have the product list complete with tabs, technical specifications and prices, and information is definitely welcome to anyone browsing a catalog.

If you are a talented photographer, it will suffice you to have a good digital camera to take a quality photo catalog, otherwise you should turn to a professional. Remember that the images are the most important part of the catalog printing, so they must be eye-catching and attract attention. The right resolution when it comes to photo catalogs is 300 dpi. The background of each page should preferably be clear, to better highlight the object being depicted.
Another important point to deal with is the catalog cover, which you will need to dedicate one of the most eye-catching products you have. It must entice the consumer to take an interest in your proposals, to curb and chew it so that you can examine it carefully.
Evaluate the size that best suits your personalized product catalog printing, look for a format that is handy, but also large enough to be readable in every part of it.
When printing your custom catalog, do not forget to enter all your business data, indicate name, address, phone numbers, website, email contacts, and anything that may be of use to the end user to get in touch with you.
Print personalized business catalogs that can talk about your business clearly and easily, perhaps by including a small descriptive paragraph titled “Who We Are”. It will create an important contact with potential customers, who will feel reassured and pampered.