The safest banks in Italy


It’s fine rating, investment, CET1, but, wanting to simplify, what are the most solid and secure Italian institutes? Following the trend of the two parameters above you can design this ranking:

  • Finecobank;
  • Banca Mediolanum;
  • Bank Ifis;
  • Banca Generali;
  • Intesa Sanpaolo;
  • UBI Banca;

Historical colossians such as Generali, Intesa San Paolo and UBI are joined by younger banks, new ones for structures and proposals. These institutes can have better indicators than traditional or popular institutes, as their business model leads to a low level of suffering and less exposure to employment.

To give more information on the safer Italian banks comes also a research conducted by Bocconi for Corriere Economia. A paper that examined the top 20 Italian banking groups, taking into account seven useful indices to define the goodness of an institution.

The three linked to capitalization (Cet1, Tier 1, Total capital ratio9 adds one to profitability (interest margin plus commissions and other revenues) and one on the 2015 stock market performance. To conclude the two Isc , the Annual Cost Indicator, both for door service and for different channels such as online.

Here they are:

  • Mediolanum;
  • Credem;
  • Intesa Sanpaolo;
  • Ubi Banca;
  • Banco Popolare;
  • Banca Carige;
  • Credito Valtellinese;
  • Bper;
  • BPM;
  • Banca Popolare di Bari;
  • Cariparma;
  • Banco di Desio;
  • Banca Popolare di sondrio;
  • Banca Sella Holfing;
  • bNL;

A ranking that excludes Mediolanum (Institute with the highest index of solidity – 18.8% Cet1 – but with promoters) and Mediobanca (whose offer is not directly linked to retail) and which is based on these details parameters, useful to give a precise picture of the soundness of the various banks. It is precisely the many indexes considered to be of great relevance to research.

The first position sees Intesa Sanpaolo with 118 points, one of the best at European level in July 2016 stress tests. Following are Ubi Banca with 111 and 101 with no surprises.

In the list, the study also included the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, as said in a situation of severe post-stress stress crisis. There is also Unicredit, which is also very much reduced by stress tests and probably forced to recapitalize. The crisis is no doubt, but you can still, it’s not yet time to put the savings under the mattress.

Part of the rankings, but certainly not a safe harbor after the vicissitudes of the last year also Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare of Vicenza.