Pay with Google: Google’s digital payments


A new payment system will be alongside those we use nowadays: Pay with Google is the new key for fast and secure digital payments.

You’ve decided to buy a new bike to keep you fit and change your habits by using it to go to work. It seems to you a better choice than ever since you can cut the cost of fuel for the car and say goodbye to traffic stress.

After looking at the most varied assumptions about city bike and mountain biking, the size of the wheels, the presence of gearboxes, building materials and lightweight overall, opt for an online purchase: this time you’ve really found the bike of your dreams!

But you do not know the site in question, you’ve never bought it from that exact platform and the first thing you go to check out is the presence of the “Pay with PayPal” button.

Well, soon things could really change: instead of searching for the blue logo of the famous digital payment brand, we might be more attracted to the “Pay with Google – Pay with Google” button

Pay with Google: Big G’s novelty in digital payments

Google’s idea of ​​digital payment is going to be real, with a key that encapsulates all the essence of the Mountain View company. Speed, ease and reliability are the key to the success of all of Google’s proposals, and even though in the e-payment segment up to this point we have not been spells, from now on we could rewrite it.

All about the new digital payment system that will be represented by the “Pay with Google” button, which will help us make our online purchases as easy as possible.

How Pay By Google Works

Just click on it to access the bouquet of credit cards in our possession, previously linked to your Google Account, to decide which of our list we want to make payment. But not just credit cards, Google allows you to pay even with the debit cards we have available.

Once you’ve chosen the product or service on a site or app, just hit the “Pay with Google” button: the rest will think Google itself. On the one hand, it will send all the necessary data to the seller to confirm the purchase, and on the other hand will take us to the user to enter codes and personal details as their name, surname or numbers for various confirmations.