Free Cumulation of Contributions: Ready for the INPS Circle


After nine months of waiting, the standard for free cumulation of contributions is coming into force. You can add contributions paid to all social security funds, free of charge and without limit.

The INPS Circular, which will provide rules for the free cumulation of contributions between the various social security funds, is ready and will be published in the coming days. As announced by the president of INPS Boeri, only the final approval of the Ministry of Labor is missing.

Free Cummulation of Contributions: What Changes

Professionals and employees can cumulate the contributions paid in the various retirement funds free of charge: those who have had discontinuous careers and have paid contributions to the private professional cus- tomers, the separate management or the other INPS management can add up the contribution periods. It is no longer required that you have matured at least 20 years of contribution seniority in one of the management to be able to request the cumulation.

Thanks to this novelty, the various contribution periods will contribute to the maturation of pension requirements: if you add up to 42 years and 10 months (41 years and 10 months for the workers), you can apply for a pension anticipated. According to estimates, there will be 100,000 workers who in the next 10 years will be able to retire in advance with the free cumulation of contributions.

The pension allowance will be calculated pro quota

The request for free cumulation of contributions will be submitted in accordance with the rules set out in the INPS circular. The application will be delivered to the last institution to which the contributions have been paid.

The pension grant will be unique, will be paid by INPS and will be calculated pro quota. This means that each management will calculate the matured pension by applying its own rules and taking into account the amount of contributions paid.

Anyone who has been requesting re-joining contributions may submit a request for reimbursement by December 31st. If, however, the application for totalization of contributions has been submitted, the withdrawal may be requested, provided that the operation has not ended.