Female Entrepreneurship: Funding, Funds and Contributions

Being a woman is right if you want to open a business or get yourself in the business thanks to the funding, facilitation and tax reliefs offered by state and European institutions and bodies. We find all there is to know about female impatience.

Development of female entrepreneurship in Italy: a situation to be unlocked

Unfortunately, we know that the Italian situation regarding female entrepreneurship is certainly not the best. Despite the existence of the Law 2015/92 “Positive Actions for Female Entrepreneurship”, which is literally the mother of all the initiatives that Italian public bodies are activating to promote employment, there is still great difficulty today. Among the many researches, the global reference that confirms this is the Global Gender gap index, which is presented every year to the World Economic Forum and measures the gap between men and women in the world of work in four key areas for the world economy: economy, education, politics and health. Italy, just to understand us, last year was ranked among the worst in Europe with its 41st place.

However, this does not mean that women do not want to go into their own, realize an idea that will lead them to success by following their own passion. They are more and more women who choose this path to renew their career and find it again in the workplace from which they are often forced to leave in maternity periods. How to do so to start a business as a businesswoman?

Female entrepreneurship: find financing, facilitation and tax relief

Young women and women are the macro areas where the body’s employees invest most because they are the weakest, most sensitive, with the highest percentage of unemployment. Here, then, as well as for youth entrepreneurship also for female entrepreneurship, it is necessary first and foremost to keep under control the sites and the institutions that make them the leader of the projects:

Membership or Reference Region;
National websites such as Invitalia (formerly the Sviluppo Italia site) and, in the case of female entrepreneurship, the site of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities;
Website of the European Commission and the Europe 2020 project.
Calls, races, and proposals change from year to year, from region to region, but by constantly monitoring these sites, you will have the news and useful information to retrieve funding, facilitations and all the help you need to become a businesswoman.

Women’s entrepreneurship and zero rate funding: 50 million euros from the MISE

At this time, the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) through Invitalia and the new “zero-rate New Businesses Italy” call has been put at the disposal of 50 million euros for young people and women with a view to promoting self-employment and self-employment. However, it is important to note that, for access to funding, rules need to be followed: each company (company or even self-employed person) may ask for up to 1.5 million euro covering 75% of the total investment and to be returned zero rate, in 8 years. The reasons why applying for a zero-rate loan can be essentially:

  • purchase of soil and manufactured;
  • restructuring of machines and plants;
  • purchase of software;
  • purchase technological facilities;
  • registration of marks, patents or licenses;
  • training and training;
  • specialist consultancy.


The company presenting the project must not have more than 12 months and work in at least one of these areas of reference:

  • production of industrial goods, handicrafts, agricultural;
  • supply of services;
  • business;
  • tourist-cultural activities;
  • services of reception and receptivity turistica;
  • social innovation that fosters the connection between people with innovative solutions.