Ecobonus 2018: new rules for tax deductions


Since 2018, the ecobonus changes: the more energy savings will be, the greater the tax deduction recognized. It extends the list of interventions that entitle to tax benefit.

Ecobonus 2018: incentives for gardens, balconies and roofs

The one concerning the re-modulation of tax deduction rates is not the only modification that will affect the ecobonus in 2018. The government is actually working to extend the bonus to other work done to save energy.

In addition to the interventions already approved by eco-gas 2017 expiring at the end of the year, it will be possible to deduct expenses incurred for the removal of asbestos roof coverings, balconies renovation work and condominium building works.

At a conference organized by the National Building Manufacturers Association, Delrio also talked about a possible combination of ecobonus and sismabonus. The merger of the two measures would facilitate the creation of individual condominium sites and the realization of interventions which at the same time aim at improving the energy efficiency of buildings and their resistance in the event of an earthquake.

It is also studying the possibility of extending sismabonus to areas of the country with lower seismic risk. This tax benefit allows deductions up to 85% of the expense sustained and, in conjunction with the 2018 ecobonus, would be an important measure for the anti-seismic and energy adaptation of Italian real estate assets.