Changed loans for bad payers

If your name is listed on the list of bad payers, it is almost impossible for the bank to grant you a personal loan. This is because the alert at the Risk Center is an alarm signal for the borrower: there is a real risk that the debtor will not return the funding regularly.

Loans to bad payers assisted by bills of exchange reduce the risk of financing for the bank. In the case of employee employees to guarantee the availability of sufficient money to repay the loan are the payroll and the severance indemnity. In addition, the debtor undertakes to repay the loan through bills of exchange and, if he does not regularly pay, the bank can proceed immediately with the protest and the subsequent attachment of the goods. Those who grant the loan are therefore partially protected, and even though the debtor is not very reliable, he may decide to finance it.

Mortgaged loans for protesters

Protesters are one of the most watched categories of interest rates on lending. In the event that a title protest has already occurred in the past, the chances of obtaining non-promotional funding are close to zero. For protesters, the promoted loan is almost the only solution available to get a loan.

Since protest loans have a very high risk, there are few banks and financial institutions that grant them. Even when banks’ bids show protracted loans, it is not said that they are easily granted. Before you can get the money you need, you need to submit several warranties and agree to pay a higher interest rate. Possible guarantees are for employee employees the termination benefit and the surety of a third party, while in the case of self-protested bills of exchange, a property or a surety of another person may be warranted.

Home-made loans: how to apply for them

Over the last few years, with the financial crisis that has led many banks to demand substantial guarantees for granting a loan, the number of demand for changed loans has increased. If you need a loan but the bank has rejected your request you can evaluate the opportunity to turn to one of the financial companies that include this type of loan in their offer.

Once the loan has been obtained, the money is immediately credited to the current account or handed over by check: for this reason it is also referred to home-made loans.

If you are planning to apply for a trusted loan, consider two aspects:

  • interest rates are higher than other forms of financing;
  • In case of insolvency the protest is raised and you may be subject to the seizure of the goods.

In general, the interest rates applied to a loan are linked to the level of risk of the financing operation. If the debtor is reported to a financial risk center as a bad payer, if he does not have a stable job or if he has been protesting, his creditworthiness will be low and, as a result, will increase the interest rate to be paid to the creditor. Fiduciary loans have higher insolvency rates than traditional personal loans and this is why the interest rate is higher.

Given the high risk of insolvency, banks offer, in rare cases, financial leverage. If you need to apply for a promotional loan, you can contact one of the specialized financial companies. Each financial institution defines a specific procedure, but usually it is sufficient to accompany the loan application with an identity document, tax code, tax return, and a document showing the perceived income. It is also required to subscribe to life insurance covering the parties from the risk of death of the borrower.